Jump 2 Justice

The aim of the project is to help victims understand and exercise their human rights for better opportunities for a decent life, with no exploitation, poverty or injustice.

Jump2Justice has three main lines of action: training in human rights; setting up a network to access justice; and reporting systemic cases of human rights violations. By progressing in these three lines, the involvement of public authorities is fostered for greater benefit of communities.


The project helps beneficiaries become aware of their rights and the existing legal resources to exercise them. It also aims at giving the women support and guidance to acquire the ability to contribute effectively to health, education and gender issues, and strengthen social justice in their environment. Finally, the project fosters the setting up of networks to give women access to justice protocols.


The Jump2Justice project was launched in 2016 to offer communities the opportunity of becoming aware of their rights so that they can identify and manage discrimination cases of gender, religion, sexual or political orientation or any other.

150 training and awareness sessions on fundamental rights are held on a yearly basis. Project actions include printing and distributing posters and flyers, and painting street wall messages to raise public awareness and help build a fairer society.
In 2018, 900 community members have had access to information on their rights and to available legal resources for reporting these situations.

Since its inception, 4,905 persons have been informed on or trained in their rights. 35 cases of human rights violations have been addressed and resolved in 527 sessions.

women were briefed on how to defend their rights
human rights violation cases have received legal support towards their settlement.
institutions (2 private and 4 state-run) work together with Mumbai Smiles Foundation