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JUMP2justice, a new project under the Advocacy vertical, as we have earlier mentioned, is human rights based project. A project that runs in tandem with all out other projects, whereby the objective is to ensure that any injustice is tackle with the help of law and order prescribed by the Constitution of India. However, more often than not, many citizens, especially those residing in the slum areas, are unaware of the Human Rights guarantees to them! Due to this lack of information, many citizens do not know when to ask for justice in the first place and thereby end up becoming victims of unfair circumstances. The J2j project is one where sessions are being conducted through all our seven project areas to create awareness among the citizens of these communities, about the Human Rights and the Fundamental Rights guaranteed to all the citizens, by virtue of being Humans.

While we have already informed you of the many awareness sessions conducted by the J2j team for the beneficiaries of our Educational, Health and Livelihood projects, we have now entered the second phase, which is the visual arts phase of the project. In this phase, we have started with wall paintings I our project areas on the different Rights provisioned for us all, irrespective of religion, region, caste, colour, gender, occupation or any other criteria whatsoever. So far we have made two wall paintings, describing the most basic Human Rights and their categories. Take a look!

dsc08615 dsc08588 dsc08625

The next wall paintings will be focussed on Child Rights specifically and we will definitely share the pictures of those as well with all you dear readers and supporters of Mumbai Smiles!

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