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JUMP2justice or J2J is an Advocacy project of Mumbai Smiles, dedicated to spread awareness about Human Rights, which are available for all the citizens by virtue by being human, and also about Fundamental Rights guaranteed to all the citizens of India. Unfortunately, the idea and the concept of Human Rights and Fundamental Rights is not known to all the citizens of our country. Reason? Lack of Education. Reason? Poverty. Reason? Poor implementation of developmental policies. Reason? Overpopulation. Reason? Lack of Education.

The common reason here being? Lack of Education. This includes the lack of awareness of the most basic rights which are guaranteed to all of us, without an exception. But unfortunately, most of us are unaware, not only of the ways to demand justice, when faced with atrocities of life, but also about the Tights themselves! This is where J2J comes into picture, which is not a stand-alone project, but one that works in tandem with all our other projects in Mumbai Smiles. The aim is to ensure justice to all those who need it. But the first step is to create awareness to ensure that the community citizens know when they are being denied their Rights and when to ask for justice.



Working on the first step, J2J has been relentlessly working to speak to as many citizens as possible, starting with our project areas. And instead of just going around and knocking on each door to talk about the Rights, the team collaborated with other projects as part of their Health Camps and meetings to reach out to a large number of people and encourage discussion on the same.


Last week, we mentioned about the awareness camps held by J2J for the Preschool Education project beneficiaries (including the teachers, assistant teachers and parents) and today, we are happy to tell you that J2J reached out to 285 community members of Sahar Village (Andheri area) and Surya Nagar (Vikroli area) as part of the Free Health Camps organized by the Community Health project that were organised for these communities. The method of reaching out to them was not just the way of dialogue but also with pamphlets and posters of all the Rights and Duties as citizens of India clearly explained!

constitution-hindi-poster hindi-duties  fundamental-rights

And to help us with our awareness sessions, we had complete support of the local authorities. In fact, the local Corporator expressed his happiness at this session by saying, “I myself was unaware about the Fundamental Rights. I will stick these posters in my office so all the visitors here (community people, social workers, party members) can read them and get aware of the Fundamental Rights.”

20161015_114611  20161015_114651

More awareness sessions are there in the pipeline, with the hope to reach out as many as possible to ensure that Justice is provided to all and so everyone is self-reliant and empowered to stand up for themselves in any kind of adverse situations!

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  • Vikas Gaikwad 2016 Nov 09 / 10:11

    Knowing Human rights to unknown, congratulations J2J team…..good work .

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