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01 APR I

For any person, hazy vision and blindness due to refractive errors and developing cataracts must be a shock, especially after having a relatively good vision. Think of the things you’d miss if you couldn’t see… family and friends, travelling, reading, cooking, the beauties of nature and the bright blue sky.

Now, imagine you live in slums of Mumbai, where many families are living under abject poverty to save for even a one-time surgery like a cataract operation. Even if family members are able to manage the money, they might be unwilling to spend on surgery since there are many other basic daily necessities to be fulfilled. It’s a sad reality in the underprivileged society: For them Life comes to a standstill even though it can be avoided with proper restoration and intervention.

Likewise life was hazy and dark previously for those 104 patients screened from 169 patients who attended an eye camp conducted by Mumbai Smiles in collaboration with World Vision India at Kanjurmarg. Mumbai Smiles through their Vision Restoration drive have successfully helped these 104 patients in restoring their vision through providing free spectacles and also conducting Cataract Surgeries with proper follow up in collaboration with Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital at Mumbai.

During this vision restoration drive, Mumbai smiles distributed 95 spectacles and successfully conducted 9 cataract surgeries ensuring timely and proper follow up post surgery. We can now proudly say that, for those 104 patients this is not only about getting back their vision but moreover it is the “Joy to see the world clearly again”


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