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Infection disease Project launch 


In India, the range and burden of infectious diseases are enormous. Mumbai Smiles work with its holistic health centric approach in the K east ward of Mumbai district. The ‘Infectious Diseases’ project aims to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases i.e. Leprosy, HIV, TB, Malaria & Dengue in the 5 project areas of Mumbai Smiles i.e. Marol, Sangharshnagar, Powai, Kanjurmarg & Vikhroli.

The general objective of the project is improved health care and health protection with regard to infectious diseases, through community intervention approach thus having an impact globally through achieving the MDG 6 on combating infectious diseases. The project was officially launched on 13th June 2015, with the objective of strengthening the early detection of these diseases and develop a referral chain with local government and private health bodies for the treatment. The project also aims at establishing outreach clinics and spread awareness about these diseases. 

In the quest of reaching out to population with medical needs, Mumbai Smiles started two outreach clinics in partnership with Holy Spirit hospital on June 13th, 2015 at Marol Pipeline & Takpada. By starting these clinics in the community we have taken the first vital step of linking community with health care facilities at their doorstep.

Sr Lissy, Executive Director, Dr Khanna, Medical Director, Sr Pushpa & Community Outreach team which includes Doctors, Nurses & few other staff members from Holy Spirit Hospital were present. From Mumbai Smiles Mr. Narendra Kumar Dundu (Executive Director India), Dr. Nirmal Ahuja (Unit Head, Health & Nutrition) Ms. Smita Gawde (Programme Officer) & few other staff members were present to share the joy of this joint effort.  

This clinic will run on every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. A nominal fee will be charged to patients & they will be given medicines for a week. Patients will be linked to health facilities both private & public in case of need. This is just a beginning to achieve bigger goal of healthy life.


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