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Mumbai Smiles Foundation provides preventive and specialized healthcare to underprivileged communities living in and around Mumbai slums

17th June

Mumbai, is the city of dreams for some; but not for others. Some have dreams of making it big. A fraction of these turn out to be lucky. Others are not as fortunate. Most migrants end up living in slums, hoping for that big break one day. If that break never comes, and their families tend to suffer. The lives of these individuals, especially their children, is tragic. Some of these kids end up resorting to substance abuse, malnourishment, and have massive health issues. Many end up victims of sexual harassment. Unfortunately, their families do not have adequate finances to access medical services and treatment.

This is where Mumbai Smiles Foundation comes in. Through its Community Support Programme, Mumbai Smiles Foundation caters to addressing the health issues of beneficiaries by providing them with access to preventive and emergency healthcare. The team works with beneficiaries across projects such as – Preschool Education Project, School Education Project, Butterfly Project (you’ll know more in the upcoming blogs) and Mental Health Project. They also work with street children and victims of human trafficking (and their children), facilitating improved access to healthcare. Committed to providing comprehensive health care for their beneficiaries, Mumbai Smiles helps with referrals and financial assistance especially during emergency situations.

Our work includes conducting health needs assessment with beneficiaries through home visits, identifying specific medical needs requiring emergency attention and care, referring identified cases for treatment, and following up with tertiary hospitals for updates on beneficiaries’ health status. Awareness sessions are also organized to inform beneficiaries on the importance of physical fitness, health, nutrition and knowledge on health rights.

Thus, Mumbai Smiles’ interventions for the needy is focused on helping these neglected communities live a healthy and dignified life, by reducing their economic burden resulting from out of pocket health expenditure and lack of timely attention to health issues.

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