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The Paediatric Oncology support program of Mumbai Smiles, called HOPE is one that provides psycho-socio support to the patients of cancer, under the age of 18. While this project doesn’t finance the complete treatment of the children suffering from this fatal disease (that is arranged for by our partner hospitals), it provides nutritional, psychological, logistical and other support elements, such as educational utility kits, nutritional supplements as also mental peace by way of fun activities and events such a Drawing Competition, Champion of the Month, Birthday celebratory events etc.


Recently, one such Birthday celebratory event was organised in one of our HOPE partner hospitals, called Wadia Hospital and it turned out to be an afternoon full of laughter and magic!


img_5820  img_5878

The celebrations started with the Puppet show, continued on to Magic Show and ended with a game for all those present (the beneficiaries and their family members). Post the event, each beneficiary was also given a gift and cake and snacks were also distributed at this fun birthday party!

img_5917 img_5931

Also present at the event were representatives of our collaborators, Cankids, Cuddles and Budhrani Trust.

An afternoon full of happiness, laughter, love and fun, it was second birthday celebratory event of the year for the HOPE project and was received very well by one and all, especially by our beneficiaries! We hope to conduct such activities more often to provide the mental and physical moments of relief, fun and peace to these children, to give them a positive attitude towards their own treatment and recovery process, in order to ensure a healthy mind for getting a healthy body!


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