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It cannot be emphasised enough upon the importance of regular health checkups. Maintaining a good health depends upon our regular habits and lifestyle choices. Eating fruits, green leafy vegetables, dry fruits, milk and other food items, rich in calcium, proteins and other vital nutrients in a balanced manner ensures that our height, weight, blood sugar levels etc remain adequate as per our age and body type. However, maintaining good health is also a privilege that most of us end up taking for granted, more often than not! Fruits, vegetables, milk, nutritional supplements are expensive to afford on a regular basis, especially in an uber posh city like Mumbai. And so while many of us, even as middle class survivors of the city, run our houses in a budgeted manner, pulling cash from here and there (through adjustments in daily expenses and savings), there are many of those underprivileged who are simply daily wage labourers with no concept of savings and are merely earning two square meals a day.

While working with many such underprivileged sections in the northern part of the city (Andheri and the neighbouring areas), via our various projects, we regularly organise health camps for different ailments and of general kind for our beneficiaries, about which we do keep writing about here on our blog. The latest general health camp was organised for our beneficiaries of Life Skills Empowerment.

The camp included checking their weight and height (to see if the correlation between the two is adequate as per each girl’s age and body type), and personal discussion on each one’s regular health issues (such as frequency of occurrence of common cold, weakness, fatigue and other such matters). The camp also included basic diet counseling to inform them of the daily nutrition that our bodies need and how to eat healthy to keep refueling our body healthily.

The girls were very inquisitive of a number of health issues and asked the doctors a lot of questions pertaining to their health and also said how they will go back home to share all the new knowledge with their family members. And for new spurge of healthy excitement, we wish to thank Dr. Surwade from ESIC Hospital for helping us make this health camp a success by giving a very attentive ear to each of the girls.

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  • Pravin Birhade 2017 Nov 29 / 09:40

    It is very important to work on health aspect of the girls with life skills. Thank You to Dr. Surwade to provide valuable volunteer service to our girls beneficiaries.

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