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The Infectious Diseases Project recently held another Mega Health Camp recently in Surya Nagar area in Vikroli (north of Mumbai) to screen the community members for five infectious and fatal diseases, namely Malaria, Dengue, Tuberculosis (TB), HIV and Leprosy. While such camps are held to screen the beneficiaries for the mentioned diseases, the objective of the camp is to just to check them, but to also to improve health care via community invention to create awareness about the symptoms, causes and effects of such diseases and also on how to prevent them. With this objective, Dr. Jayendra Gawade, Dr. Deven Rathod, Dr. Shamal Gorhegaonkar, Dr. Sushant Survase, Dr. Manasi  Bhoir came together to generously help us with the camp.

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While a general health check up was done for all the 490 community members in attendance, regular nutritional and health counseling was also provided to all to prevent diseases and stay healthy. Also, with the extended monsoon season this year in Mumbai, special blood testing was done to check them all for Malaria. With the support of the local authorities, the camp was organized in a very smooth manner and all the beneficiaries left with complete satisfaction.


Free medicines were provided to all with prescription and patients’ record has been maintained for further follow up for the needy beneficiaries.


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