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Last week we had blogged about how a general health camp was organised for the beneficiaries of our Life Skills Empowerment (LSE) project. This week we want to share with you the news of the HB (Haemoglobin in blood) checkup for all the girls of LSE.

It is important to get our routine blood tests done regularly, especially in today’s age of stress, pollution, constant running about for work, school, household chores etc, and more importantly in a metro city like Mumbai where life is nothing but full of stress, as it directly affects our sleep and food habits, thereby affecting our blood pressure, immunity and general strength of our body. And all of these can be checked with the regular blood tests. However, it is a luxury to get these tests done which citizens of the underprivileged sections of our city cannot afford. And so, for our beneficiaries of various projects, we at Mumbai Smiles organise health camps regularly.

The HB testing camp was organised for the girls recently and the animator of this project, Prafullata, was the one conducting the tests as she is a professional nurse apart from being our animator, so the girls were very comfortable with her in a different role! Initially the girls were very nervous about being poked by the needles that is used to draw blood and check their HB levels, but after the initial nervousness, once they got to the actual testing part, they got comfortable and in fact, were very happy by the end of the camp to know their results as well!

For each of the girls, case papers were prepared and nutritional counseling was done to ensure they understand the important of good and healthy eating habits to keep up their strength and HB levels. And so the camp was a success with the inquisitive girls asking the doctors a million questions about the biological facts of blood and its components and what to eat to ensure that blood levels in the body remain at adequate levels. And even our team members, including Prafullata was very happy to share more and more information to the girls!

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