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Indifference is what many of us have adopted over the years, as a method to overlook the social issues around us. Issues that have plagued our country and our city so deeply, that we have forgotten to even address them as issues anymore. And at Mumbai Smiles, this is exactly what we aim to overcome with all our projects, especially with our New Glances Project. Raise awareness so we fight poverty and transform the future of our city together, as one. And that is why, to shine a new light on the lives of the slum communities of our city – the community that helps us lead a better life, as our house help, as our travelling helper, as our nannies, as our grocery provider and so on – this project includes lot of volunteer and visitor programmes, under the Awareness Vertical.

August 19 is observed as the World Photograph Day and on this occasion we want to highlight all our collaborators and friends, who have associated with us over the years and clicked super amazing photographs of our projects, either as volunteers, or visitors or collaborators. It is difficult to take all the names, but here are a few who have captured some beautiful memories for us over the years:

1) Danilo Ramos (and a photograph by him)

danilo danilo pic

2)  Oliver Roura (and a photograph by him)

oliver  oliver pic

3) A photograph by Abhijeet Alka Anil

abhijit pic

4) A photograph by Camile Frutero

camille pic

5) Marta Guitart and Joan Torres (and photographs by them in order)

marta and joan

Joan (left), Natasha (centre, Unit Head Awareness), Marta (right)

marta pic joan pic

And there are many more, who have helped us every now and then selflessly and we thank each and everyone for their generous support to us! Have a gala time clicking every one!


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  • kalidas rote 2016 Aug 22 / 09:29

    Thank you so much for all photographers who involved in this activity.

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