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A civil awareness day, the occasion of International Women’s Day was originally celebrated as International Working Women’s Day, starting in the year 1909 in the United States of America, by their Socialist Party of America, to commemorate the struggles of working women for social, economic and political equality and justice that had been taking place for decades. Over the years, many strikes, rallies, marches and protests in the USA, Russia & then USSR, Germany, UK, France and even China for “Bread and Peace” earned by women.

In 1977, the United Nations invited member States to proclaim the 8th of March every year as the UN Day for Women’s Rights and World Peace. And today, all over the world, this day is celebrated as International Women’s Day by way of declaring a day off at work at some places or by way of happy discounts, schemes, offers and gifts in some countries.

Photo Credit: Abhijit Alka Anil

In India, while there is no public holiday declared on this day, neither do the offices have any declared holidays for the women, but all over the country, at various malls and outlets, there are a lot of offers for women at showrooms, food outlets, cinemas, pubs etc.

At Mumbai Smiles, we run various projects to empower women by way of education, health, nutrition and livelihood programs, in sync with our national social campaign of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” (Save a Girl Child and Educate Her) for our national development!

As our Founder & President, Jaume Sanllorente said over our social media platforms yesterday that this year, we are focusing on development and empowerment of girl child and women more than ever because, “we need to reclaim the role of women in a country that, unfortunately and according to numerous international reports, is the worst among the G20 countries to be born women. Pre-arranged marriages, trafficking in women, rape, vitriolage (acid attacks) … are some of the events that women are constantly subjected to in India.

According to data published by WomanStats Project, trafficking in women is commonly practiced and is only illegal. More than 10% of girls under 16 years of age are married and pre-arranged marriage of girls is normal, there is extreme male adoration and 100,000 births die between 100 and 300 women.

At Mumbai Smiles, we promote different projects to ensure that the role of women is reinforced: equation for the girl, programs of training and labor insertion, leadership programs … As Gandhi said, India will not really begin to advance until the role of its women advances. “

And to celebrate today, we are having a celebratory plus awareness event organised by the JUMP2justice project team at our Sangharshnagar area, the details of which we will definitely share with you all very soon!



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