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Mumbai Smiles helps victims of human trafficking with life skills to relive stress and deal with mental health issues.

5th February

On 22nd Jan 2019, in collaboration with Vijay Krida Mandal, a group art therapy session was conducted for victims of human trafficking at Ghatkopar. The activity was organised to interact with beneficiaries and understand their psycho-social problems.

The Art Therapy is particularly valuable for people suffering from mental health. Through creative art comprehensive life skills are delivered. The therapy has a variety of activities involving clay, drawing, painting, wax etc. 20 women participated in a candle making session where yellow coloured perfume based candles were designed. The colour yellow was selected as it is a symbol for realizing thoughts, bringing mental clarity and clairvoyance.

Our project especially focuses on improving the mental health of victims of human trafficking as they go through serious mental trauma. Our activity not only helps them relieve stress but also empowers them with life skills to improve their mental health.

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