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Visitors are a daily part of our lives, who come to Mumbai Smiles to see our projects and meet the citizens of Mumbai’s slums (specifically our project areas) and understand the reality of Mumbai, that is more often than not ignored by the privileged of this megacity.

Recently, we were very happy to have received a family of 5 beautiful people, the Grané-Romero family from Barcelona, the city in Spain where our sister organisation, Sonrisas de Bombay, is situated in as well! This family had three children, the youngest of which, Andrew was super excited during the visit to one of our preschool centres and was also participating in the activities with the students. And the daughter Clara, who herself is a teenager, was very happy to meet the girls at our Life Skills Empowerment session, and understand the different topics being taught there.

The family was very much involved with our beneficiaries during their visit and was interacting with them very happily, understanding our culture, the background of the communities of the project sites and talking about the projects and its benefits with them. “The first step is always the simply one but not at all easy”, said the family post visit, “Leaving everything behind, taking a flight to go to a new place to restart your life from scratch to listen to the call of the disadvantaged, is very difficult and takes a lot of courage!”

We are thankful for your support and hope to see you back someday again! Thank you very much!!!

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  • Pravin Birhade 2017 Oct 09 / 09:22

    Thank You to Grane Romero family to visits our projects & your support.

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