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The year 2017 is here but before the year 2016 ended, our Spanish office came up with an interesting activity for our Spanish friends and supporters – Gift Smiles (Regala Sonrisas).

The Gift Smiles is an initiative aims our friends and supporters in Spain to associate with one of the projects of Mumbai Smiles through a fun activity PACK. These Gift Packs are of three types:


  1. First one is for the little ones (PACK KIDS)
  2. Second pack is for people who want to share a workshop or class with their friend or partner (PACK SHARE)
  3. Third is for those who are passionate about India (Bollywood, Cuisine, Travelling to India, etc.)

Each of these packs reflects a class or an activity or a workshop that the buyer subscribes to on purchasing the particular pack and the proceeds collected from the sale of these will be used to finance the activities of projects of Mumbai Smiles, like The Preschool Education project or the Higher Education Project etc, thereby making the buyer a supporter and associate of the project!


Hence, You buy a pack = You enjoy the class/workshop/activity that the pack offers you = You collaborate with one project of Mumbai Smiles!

These packs were launched during the Christmas week, available on our Spanish website ( as also certain centres as updated on the website.


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