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Last week we shared with you all the news of Mumbai Smiles foundation participating in the AWC Shopping Mela with our products as a fundraising event for our projects. Today we have the results of this successful event!

The event saw a number of participants with their stalls of clothes, bags, jewelry, food items, tea, home décor, crockery, gems, paintings and many other items at this shopping mela. These stalls were propped up in to three different categories, namely Social Enterprise, NGO and Private. Among these, we had participated in the NGO segment with our handmade candles in five different fragrances and Christmas cards. With our stall being the only one with the Christmas cards, these became an instant super hit with the customers, especially with the international crowd that bought away a number of our cards to send to their family and friends.

Of the five fragrances of your handmade candles, ones that really struck a chord with the audience were Pondicherry (Cocoa and Vanilla) and High Tea At Udaipur (Lavender and Geranium). And these two accounted for 50% of the entire candle sale!

At the end of the day, we were able to raise a good amount of Rs. 20,000, which is now going to be utilized for our projects in the slums of Andheri East and nearby areas where we work. And for this, we wish to thank AWC (American Women’s Club) for giving us the opportunity to participate in their Shopping Mela and supporting our initiative.

For those of you Mumbaikars who couldn’t make it to the Mela but wish to buy these candles and cards, we still have very, very few pieces left, so mail us right away at for these beautiful handmade products, and help us spread the cheer and smiles among the most disadvantaged people of Mumbai!

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