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The Jump2 Justice team recently conducted an awareness session on Fundamental Rights and Duties as Indian citizens, for the parents of our preschool students. Like last year, when we had started the awareness sessions for the parents with Fundamental Right and then progressed on to Child Rights and Women Rights, this was the first awareness session on Human Rights for the parents and to keep it interesting, we kept it interactive in nature.

It is very unfortunate that many of us, educated or otherwise, often keep our mouths shut on various kinds of injustices, and this stands true for not only injustices towards a third party, but also to oneself. There are a number of examples of regular violation of Fundamental Right that we often see and turn a blind eye to, or simply suffer from injustice because we are not aware of our Rights:

  • Different salaries to two employees despite performing the same task and having the same designations
  • Landlord instructing tenant to not follow a particular method of prayer at home
  • Shopkeeper charging more than MRP for a product
  • School not accepting a child’s admission form on basis of caste, religion or class
  • Stopping someone from speaking their mind or expressing a personal opinion on anything

These are all examples of what you and we go through every now and then but since some of us are aware of our Rights, we do speak up and handle the situation. But what about the citizens living in the socio-economically disadvantaged areas, like the slums, where majority of the citizens are not only uneducated but also suffer at the hands of so many others privileged, merely because they are not as privileged as the others?

This is where we, through our Jump2Justice project, aim to empower the citizens of our project areas with the information of the different Rights which are granted to each and every human being – Right to Equality, Right to Freedom of Speech & Expression, Right against Exploitation, Right to Religion & Culture, Right to Constitutional Remedies and Right to Education. And each year, during the sessions, we realise how many of these parents are hearing about these Rights for the first time and so we ensure to discuss all the incidents that they have to share and reflect on how such situations can be dealt with peacefully, yet assertively in the future to ensure a just and equal society for all, starting with oneself!

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