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Recently we had three gorgeous women from Spain visiting Mumbai Smiles and its various projects. Anisia, Isabel and Andrea spent an entire day with us, visiting our Preschool Education centres as also Life Skills Empowerment sessions where they interacted with our tiny and adolescent beneficiaries.

While they were very impressed with the preschool in session, observing the tiny little children recite the poems, alphabets and names of animals & birds and other lessons of the day, they had a lot of fun with the LSE girls interacting with them about the different topics that they cover in their daily sessions and exchanging fun facts about each other’s countries and cultures.

Having appreciated all our projects, they ended their visit on a very positive note with some lovely comments for us:

  1.  I have loved the visit and have been really impressed by your work that you are all doing in India. All the best and keep up the good work with the smile that you all have, as there is still a lot to doAnisia de Forn
  2.  I have had an incredible experience and I hope to be able to continue to support you for many more yearsIsabel Cutillas
  3.  Congratulations to all the team for the help and to achieve this important work. A big hug to Jaume from Barcelona – Andrea Sanchez

Thank you so much Anisia, Isabel and Andrea for such encouraging and kind words! Your support has made it possible for us to commit ourselves to a better future of Mumbai..!!

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