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Today we are all celebrating the 71st Independence Day of India. But even after more than 7 decades of our freedom, a huge part of our population is still struggling to make two ends meet. We, at Mumbai Smiles, are fighting a silent fight every single day to make this social evil called Poverty disappear from Mumbai and we are happy to share this video today with you all, that proves that our struggles are not going unrewarded.

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We have worked with our citizens for 13 years now and in these years, we have seen some beautiful stories unfold that today we want to share with you all.

Meet our Anonymous Heroes, who have worked hard to get out of the vicious circle of poverty with a little push from Mumbai Smiles and today are leading a dignified and stable life. they have earned their Freedom From Poverty with sheer hard work and dedication and are an inspiration to many others who are still trapped in poverty and its fatal side effects.

Join us in our peaceful struggle against poverty and support our vision to see Mumbai poverty free! Get in touch with us, become our member, our donor and our supporter now! Write to us at to visit us or donate now here.

Happy Independence Day!


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