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Health is Wealth. Famous as the quote maybe, to maintain good health, we do need certain amount of external wealth to ensure that we keep ourselves healthy and maintain that health. While many of us are fortunate enough to be able to visit our doctor at our convenience, or get proper treatments immediately, it is not so for a considerable amount of our country’s population. The underprivileged section of our country and our city are not always able to maintain good health, owning to lack of financial means to get good nutrition and good treatment, in case of illness.


The Community Health project (earlier known as the Eye and Healthcare Project) takes care of an array of regular health issues, ranging from eye care to dental care. Under this, periodical free health camps are arranged, in association with partner doctors and hospitals/clinics, wherein via community intervention, various illnesses or defects are detected and action is also taken to prevent them for occurring or recurring, among the beneficiaries of our projects in the select slum areas of Andheri East.


Recently, a similar free eye-care camp was organized for one of our project partner schools, following which 91 free spectacles were distributed those identified with refractive error issues in their eyes.

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This event was useful for the children, of course due to the free distribution of spectacles, but also because a session was held to familiarize the children with the case and effect of the different eye problems, how to take care of spectacles, follow up sessions for eye health after beginning the use of spectacles, daily nutrition to avoid deficiency of Vitamin A (useful for eyesight) and avoiding long hours of TV, computer, video games etc, which causes harm to eyes with prolonged exposure.


The school teachers, staff and principal, were all extremely supportive of organizing this event and ensuring a smooth functioning of the entire event. We hope to conduct many more such events to create a better future of Mumbai – healthy and poverty free!

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  • Kalidas Rote 2016 Oct 27 / 09:22

    Community Health project team has been taken good efforts for the success of Eye Check-up Camp. keep it up guys!!!!

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