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The Community Health Project (earlier known as the Eye and Healthcare project) covers an array of regular health issues that affect all of us. This includes eye ailments, dental issues and regular check-ups as well.

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Recently, another free health camp was organized in the Sahar area in Andheri (E) in partnership with Doctor Eye Institute, with the objective to create awareness about eye ailments and disorders and for their early detection through community intervention. While a total of 101 community members were screened including women, men and children, 24 of them were detected with cataract, 18 needed further testing to pinpoint the exact issue in their eyes and 32 were identified with refractive error problem. The follow up sessions are in process now for all the patients, for their surgeries, testing and for free spectacles distribution as well and we are in process of completing their complete treatment soon!


The local authorities and community leader were extremely supportive of Mumbai Smiles while arranging for the required permission and setting up the health camp and this made the entire process of the camp very smooth. And we thank each and every one of them, and also to our camp partners, Doctor Eye Institute! We hope to conduct many more such camps in the future as well to be able to reach out to more members of the underprivileged communities of Mumbai and to expand our healthy and smiling family of Mumbai Smiles!


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