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At Mumbai Smiles, most of our projects are interlinked in one of another. In our “peaceful struggle against poverty”, we have adopted a holistic approach towards growth, which means the our idea of growth includes not just education or not just health, but Health, Nutrition, Livelihood and Awareness go hand in hand. This is why most of our projects are interlinked most of the time, to ensure a holistic growth in the select sum communities of Mumbai.

Oral hygiene is something we, humans, ignore, even after growing up. And this leads to a hoard of oral and dental issues. Adding to our lethargy is the current scenario of food in the world, where most of the food items we get is either plunged with a number of chemicals, and even the organic ones are genetically modified ones. We, just, can never be sure of any kind of food to be a 10% natural and healthy. And this further presses on the need to maintain good oral hygiene and take good dental care of ourselves.


Recently, The Community Health Project conducted a free Dental camp for the children of our partner school, Sarada School in the Saki Naka Area. A total of 458 students were screened at this camp, including our own beneficiaries of Educational Projects, by Dr. Vaidehi Save and her team. Of the 458, 321 children were identified with certain dental ailments, which could be taken care of immediately, but 5 were identified with severe issues that can be cured with Root Canal (a dental surgery) only. The follow up sessions for them are in process.

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The Principal and Teachers of the school helped the team of Community Health, right from setting up of the camp to maintaining discipline during the camp and overall ensuring a smooth functioning of the camp. We hope to conduct many more such camps for the children of our project areas, the future of Mumbai!

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