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The first review meeting with all the 60 preschool teachers & assistants were held earlier this month. The Preschool project team, including the field coordinators and program officer, along with our HR Head and program officer of Jump2Justice project attended this review meeting.

The agenda and proceedings of the meeting were a detailed one. The meeting started with the review of the last two academic months of all the preschool centres to track the progress of the project at each centre and get the feedback that the teachers have been receiving from the parents as well to understand the overall response of the beneficiaries. During this meeting, focus was laid upon certain aspects, such as ensuring punctuality of the students as well as of the teachers (in case there was any lapse in following the same), emphasis was laid on maintain complete cleanliness and hygiene in the preschool centres, especially in the washrooms where children wash their hands before their meal time, regular checking of the sufficiency of the First Aid Box, maintain the timetable of the sessions for each day of the week as well as reviewing the Fire & Safety training of all the staff!

Following the review of all the important pointers, the meeting progressed to welcoming of the new staff members, collection of the admission forms of all the students, submission of the health reports of all the students etc. Another very important activity in this meeting was the launch of the Marathi Teaching module for the preschool teachers and assistants for this year, which was done by Nandita Shekhar, the head of HR.


We strongly believe that such meetings are needed to be regularly held in order to track the progress of the Preschool project, out teachers, assistants, students and their mental and physical health to understand which improvements are required and what steps to take to eliminate any negative aspect of the projects. And hence, we hold these at least once every quarter, if not more number of times and we thank each and every teacher and assistant for their complete cooperation in the same.

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