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It takes months and years to build anything; it takes second for an accident to bring it down. Accidents can happen anywhere anytime and we must be prepared for it with as much knowledge of the know-how to deal with the situation.

When it comes to slum communities, all the structures are created so close together that on electrical spark can spread like forest fire and in no time get out of hand and destroy everything. To avoid any untoward incident due to accidents of fire, gas leakage, electrocution or leakage of toxic chemicals, we collaborated with another called Faith whose training has been recognized by the Directorate of Industrial Safety & Health (Maharashtra Government).

To all the 27 teachers and 27 assistant teachers, first a theoretical session was conducted on information about Fire Extinguishers, First Aid in cases of Fire & Gas leakage, CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation, Transporting victims & patients from site of fire to a safe location (to & fro method, with minimum discomfort to the patient in a 2/3/4 handed seats) and creating stretcher with available materials like cloth etc. Post the theoretical knowledge a practical session was conducted by the trainers in an open field where all the theoretical knowledge was put to test in a make-believe situation.

The sessions were extremely interactive with the teachers, as well as other team members of Preschool Education project asked a lot of questions about the different technicalities involved to get all the procedures right and hence the feedback was extremely positive! This is what Anjana Nimbalkar, teacher of preschool centre no. 10 had had to say about the training, “This training was much needed for us as it will help us with fire and leakage related situations to protect and rescue the students, as well as in our communities. We are very thankful to Mumbai Smiles & Faith Foundations for organising this training for us!”

While we surely hope that we never need to put this training into action (fingers crossed, no such mishap should happen anywhere!), we are definitely ensuring that all of us stay prepared for any untoward incident and we are thankful to Faith for their time and training for our team members.

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  • Supriya 2017 Sep 07 / 09:10

    Very great activity, It is very important and necessary for all.

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