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Each year, various activities are organised to encourage extra-curricular participation among the children of our preschool students, in order to boost in them qualities linked with team playing, group activities, and creativity as also to break the monotony of regular sessions and encourage parents to ensure that their children attend the preschool regularly.

One of the activities conducted is Fancy Dress event. While at most other institutions, this day is celebrated in form of a competition, we at Mumbai Smiles feel that at such an young age, every child should be encouraged equally especially at an event such as Fancy Dress, which is not a sport, and hence should be an event for more fun and less competition. And so, at the end of the event ALL the students at our centres were given colour stationary as a gift for the day!

The students turned up beautifully dressed and the characters of their dressing up varied from that of a milkman, to a doctor, to a watchman, to a social worker, to a captain of a ship, to a lawyer, to a teacher, to Mother Teresa, to Mahatma Gandhi, to Savirtribai Phule and many others. Looking adorable in their tiny costumes, the kids posed for the cameras of the teachers and our team members, as you can see in the photographs and enjoyed a fun day, just playing around and showing off their costumes to each other!


We feel extremely proud that the parents of our students, who belong to some of the most underprivileged areas of Mumbai, with the little resources they had, spread the happiness through their children in addition to some very important messages such as “Save Water” and “Save the Girl Child” by way of props and makeup!

A big thank you to all our teachers and assistant teachers for making this event successful and fun for everyone!!

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