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As part of the Responsive Action project, where we welcome our friends, members, partners, donors and supporters from all over the world to visit our projects in order to present to them a reality of Mumbai, which is more often than not, neglected and discarded away, in order to maintain transparency about the work that we do with the slum communities in the northern wards of Mumbai.

One of our recent visitors are Ezequiel and Adrian from Barcelona, Spain, who decided to stop by to visit Mumbai Smiles before heading back home. While Ezequiel an illustrator by profession, he is also a dance teacher by passion. And he was very curious about the different art and dance forms of India and during his trip through the North and South of India, he actively learnt the different aspects of Indian culture as well and the excitement in his voice was very visible! His friend Adrian is a psychologist and he too had a great time through his trip in India, analyzing the different aspects of our country!

On their one day visit to Mumbai Smiles, both of them were excited to visit our two very active projects, those of Preschool Education and Life Skills Empowerment. First they spent time with the tiny tots of our Preschool centres, observing the fun activities through which the students learn different poems, stories, alphabets, concepts of lines, curves etc. Then they moved on to meet the very excited and energetic girls at our Life Skills Empowerment centre. After observing the session of the day, they also participated in the same with the girls and then also shared with them some more educational games! The excitement in the air was definitely contagious and joyous!

Thanks so much for your support Ezequiel and Adrian and we hope to see you yet again!

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