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Mumbai Smiles Foundation organized a self-defense workshop for higher education beneficiaries

7th March

Women are generally not confident about protecting themselves during grave situations. Learning how to defend oneself and protect others is important especially for those living in unsafe and less secure neighborhoods. As adolescents are increasingly exposed to diverse environments and abuse, the need to equip them with self-defense skills becomes all the more essential.

Towards this end, Mumbai Smiles Foundation organized a self-defense workshop for 75 higher education beneficiaries across three schools. Students were trained by our collaborator Ana Moñino in numerous self-defense techniques such as – practical punch, push factors, kicks in pairs with trainers, etc. The workshop helped students understand how to protect themselves from harmful and dangerous situations.

Today, self-defense, self-confidence, discipline and self-control are priceless values every student should possess. Being able to take care of ourselves mentally and physically, not only helps boost self-confidence but also helps us become a better version of ourself.

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