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05 AUG I

Hope project of Mumbai Smiles caters to children who are undergoing cancer treatment. Health is a very important aspect for these children. Their survival depends on the cancer treatment. However, while they are recovering, the social community is their strength and support. Their family, friends, school, teachers play an important role in their development process and in coping with their psychological state of mind.

In most cases, children miss out on their education and lose school years due to the illness. Early school years form the foundation for any child – be it academics, child’s values or social progress of the child. Hence, going to school is essential. The child and their family are drained of their financial resources due to the treatment costs. Many a times the child as well as the siblings end up dropping out of school due financial crisis. As such a time, even one child attending school is a big achievement for the family members.

Hope Project brings hope to children suffering from Cancer.

Rohan, Illiyas, Ananya and Aditya are children associated with the Hope project and received a scholarship for their education. They were ecstatic to learn that their school fees, tuition, study material, uniform and shoes will be paid for, for the period of one year. The scholarship plays an important role in ensuring that these children are back to school and contributes to their social development process as well as academics in spite of their illness.

Hope project has once again brought smiles to the faces of these children.



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