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Working in the field of Health, the HOPE project is a psycho-socio initiative that helps young cancer patients (0-18 years of age) pan-India in getting treatment. Along with helping them with monetising funds for the treatment, our main focus is to mentally prepare the children and their families to endure the long and tiring process of battling with Cancer. And this process can be extremely tiring physically, mentally and financially for the beneficiaries as well as their parents and so we try and keep organising some recreational activities alongside to keep them motivated.

The topic of Global Warming has been around for a while now. With various parts of our world facing natural calamities like droughts, famine, floods, tornadoes, melting ice caps, disappearing species of flora and fauna and sudden weather changes, it has become imperative for us to ensure that our future generation does not make the same mistakes that we and our ancestors made. And while we find a lot of speeches and talks on this over the internet and in various books, young tiny children are least bothered to go through either of them!

HOPE beneficiary working on his drawing for the competition

And so, in our small attempt to inculcate a social and environmental value in the beneficiaries of our projects, the HOPE project recently organised a Drawing Competition, in collaboration with Courtyard by Marriott in Holy Spirit Hospital.

The theme of the competition being “Earth”, the young participants had an array of ideas projected on their drawing sheets. But alas, there can only be two winners! However, in order to have a fair competition, the competition was held in two categories, divided on the basis of age –

  1. 5-10 years old, in which the second place was secured by Ananya, while Nikhil took the first place
  2. 11-18 years old, wherein Illyas was placed second and Shreya, first!

Drawing by Shreya, placed first (category of 11-18 years of age)

It surely looks like we have a few Picassos in making right here!

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