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The Life Skills Empowerment or LSE girls of this academic year are all girls our partner BMC (Brihanmumbai or Mumbai Municipal Corporation) school in Sangharshnagar (Chandivali, Powai in Andheri east). And so, a few activities are being held in the school campus this year for the girls, as it helps the school and us to strengthen our relationship for the benefit of the students.

Earlier last month, we had organised a session of Self-Defence training for the girls in the school. In the second half of the month, with exams and Christmas vacation around the corner, the LSE team decided to distribute dictionaries to the LSE girls.

This kind of activity is important as at LSE, we believe in holistic approach towards the growth of adolescent girls and that include trying to inculcate in them a habit to read more and gain more knowledge about any topic that they can get their hands on. But with their background, having most of their parents as daily wage labourers with bare minimum or no education at all, guidance at home for studies to clarify their doubts, especially about English words is an impossible scenario and so the need for a dictionary was identified.

While giving out the dictionaries, the team also explained to the girls about how to use it, while studying in order to understand new words, add new and better words to one’s vocabulary and apply those words in practice as well. And our enthusiastic girls seemed very exciting about the new shiny dictionaries!

We thank the school for their complete support to us in organizing this event and providing us with logistical support for the same and now that the girls will return from their vacations and resume the LSE sessions, we hope we will get to see some them using some new words in their daily language too!

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