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Maharashtra’s Health Minister, Deepak Sawant was quoted by the Press Trust of India in July, saying that nearly 14203 cases of dengue have been registered in the year 2016 (up till July). We are entering the last month of October

With the state government now classifying Dengue as “notified diseases” that gives the right to the health authorities to check residential and official premises for the dengue larva, it is imperative now to understand and prevent Dengue actively. At Mumbai Smiles, we started the Dengue Awareness campaign from our office premises. With the Unit Head of Health, Dr. Nirmal Ahuja conducting the first session for all the staff members on the causes and preventive methods of Dengue (and symptomatic treatment), we have gone out into the slum communities as well to spread awareness about this fatal  diseases among our extended family members as well.

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The Infectious Diseases Project conducted several sessions of dengue awareness in the different slum areas where our projects function, especially the Preschool Education Centres, covering more than 900 beneficiaries. The awareness campaign included a hoard of information ranging from the signs and symptoms of dengue, to prevention of the disease, early detection and immediate medication (by doctor prescription, of course).

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The overall response to these sessions was very positive. Combining the health benefits to our country’s ongoing Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan, we soon hope to see a clean and disease free Mumbai!

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