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The month of November is a month of festivals in India, especially for the children, with November 14 being Chacha Nehru’s birthday (Pandit Nehru as fondly called by the children) and celebrated as Children’s Day, as well as November 21 being the International Child Rights Day. Right after a host of Indian festivals that brings along with it a host of a season of holidays and delicious festive food, we get to enjoy two days dedicated to children, not only with a day off from all the classes, but with a variety of events and functions!


Across the country, schools generally organise a grand event for the children on these occasions, where children perform on stage with songs, dance, drama, along with some exhibition and this is an event which is awaited with much enthusiasm and zeal. At Mumbai Smiles, the Preschool Education project, earlier known as the Balwadi project, also conducts a chain of such interesting events every year on the occasion of Children’s Day and International Child Rights Day.


With 30 different centres in 7 areas of Northern Mumbai, the project team, this year decided to keep five grand events by clubbing the Preschool centres together. So far, three events have already been conducted and the rest two will be conducted next week. Here is a sneak peek of the tiny little cuties showing off their dancing skills at the events:

dsc04083  dsc04210

With two more installments of this event in the pipeline for the next week, we leave you with these cute pictures and we promise to return with the full report of these events next week!


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