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For decades in India, many parents have been deciding the future of their new-borns as doctors or engineers, barring a few exceptions allow let their children decide their own career path. With the release of “3 idiots”, this mind set has changed to a good extent in many areas of our country and many parents are trying to provide as many career-options for their children as possible. But the question remained – what are the different career paths? How to approach these paths? How to get this information?

While these questions exist in the minds of the parents, irrespective of their social and financial status, it is a more worrying one for those belonging to the lesser privileged section of the society, considering their financial restrictions, that restrict them to the knowledge about the opportunities as well.

The Education department of Mumbai Smiles recently organised a Career Fair for 700 school & college students and their parents recently, to answer these very questions. With representatives of different institutions, colleges and organizations such as Nirmala Niketan, Kohinoor Technical Institute, NIIT and many more, that provide career counseling and courses to pursue the various professional fields, interacting with the students, the career fair was full of hustle and bustle – students being their inquisitive selves, divided into groups of 10, spending about 10 minutes at each stall of the fair, asking all the Whats and Hows of the fields of their interest.

The feedback from the students, parents as well as the institutions were all very positive and the Education team of Mumbai Smiles is now ready to conduct “Education Fair” next!

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