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The Higher Education project works in the area of education for the school and college going children of underprivileged section of the society, to ensure quality education for them, by way of partnering with schools and colleges, providing the students with scholarships, educational materials and skills-building sessions. These sessions include an array of topics and are conducted periodically at different partner schools.

Last month, capacity building sessions were held for all our Higher Education beneficiaries at our partner schools over a period of three weeks. Before the start of these sessions, a pre-test was taken for all the students to check the pre-knowledge of the topics of the workshop and then the sessions began for the following topics:

Time Management:

  • Definition of Time Management
  • How to use time effectively in daily as well as student life
  • SMART Time Management

Goal Setting:

  • Definition of Goal Setting
  • How to set the goal? Discuss with relevant examples
  • Benefits and importance of Goal Setting
  • Hurdles while setting goals in life
  • Long term and short term goals
  • Improving self-confidence through goal setting

Stress Management:

  • Causes and Symptoms of stress
  • Definition of Stress Management
  • Benefits of setting the goal & time management to reduce the stress management
  • Positive benefits of Stress Management
  • What is preventive actions to reduce the stress/overcome the stress.
  • Methods of Stress Management

Post the sessions, each child also gave a post-test to understand how much of the concept has the student been able to grasp and understand. And post these test, a healthy discussion ensued between the project team and the students to clear any doubts if still there.

The workshop was received extremely well by all the principals and the students of each partner school and with this encouragement; we are planning further activities and sessions for these young minds in near future!


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