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HOPE, the pediatric oncology project under our area of work of Health, is one for the children, in the age group of 0-18 years, to provide them with psycho-socio support, in terms of counseling and accommodation during the period of their treatment. And to provide medical support, the project has partnered with two hospitals in the city (of Mumbai, where we work) that help these younglings get the treatment to beat the fatal disease. However, during the course of their treatment, it is important to keep their motivation up so they and their families are mentally prepared to combat the ill effects of the disease with positivity and hope.


In order to keep the morale of these children up, the HOPE project often conducts events such as Drawing Competition (with themes such as Earth Day, festival celebration etc), Children’s Day, Birthday Celebrations, Champion of The Month, mostly in collaboration with our partner hospitals. One such event recently organized by one of our partner hospitals, Holy Spirit Hospital, was Cancer Survivors Meet for all cancer survivors, be it children, adults and senior citizens and six of these survivors were HOPE beneficiaries.

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The event started with some dance and music by young children, followed by sharing of experiences among the cancer survivors, their parents and the doctors and nurses present in the event with each other. Post this session, certificates were also distributed to the beneficiaries as an appreciation and motivational factor to continue fighting against all odds in life with hope and smiles. And the last stage of the event was an interesting session on Yoga for attaining peace of mind. This session was conducted by professionals who were invited for the event, and without a doubt, this was the most enjoyed feature of the day!


Next in the events pipeline is Children’s Day celebration next week. Stay tuned to our blog for latest updates!

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