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The first Sunday of June every year is a day dedicated to Cancer Survivors. From the days when cancer was undetectable, to those when it got detected but remained untreatable, today we are living in times when Cancer is definitely curable, if caught in time. And this year, the HOPE project celebrated the 11th of June as National Cancer Survivors Day, for all those brave-hearts who have suffered through this mortal disease, gone through the entire painful treatment process and emerged victorious!

As the American website of National Cancer Survivors Day puts it, “this is the day of CELEBRATION for those who have survived, a day of INSPIRATION for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of SUPPORT for families and an OUTREACH to the communities.”


HOPE, being an outreach and psycho-socio projects, that helps young cancer patients get complete support through their treatment process, focuses on patients, not only before and during their treatment, but also post the complete treatment of this fatal disease. Reason being that often Cancer raises its ugly head again even after a while of a previous successful treatment. And to beat that, it is imperative for the survivors to get regular check-ups done in time. And hence this year the HOPE project organised a Cancer Survivor Workshop, conducted at Holy Spirit, our partner hospital, in collaboration with Budhrani Trust for our beneficiaries and their families.

Mrs. Heena Pasi, a counsellor from the trust conducted the workshop with discussion and interactions, laying emphasis of how important a role of each family member is even after a successful treatment of Cancer, and how regular check-ups help beat the disease even in cases of relapse. The discussions were enriched with exchange of success stories from the beneficiaries and their family members and concluded on a very positive note. Ever Forward!

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