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In a bid to aid victims of human trafficking, Mumbai Smiles Foundation organized a mental health workshop

24th May

Mental health has been a problem that not too many people want to talk about, given it is a social taboo. Mumbai Smiles Foundation has recognized this, and while our team acknowledges the trauma these victims of human trafficking have endured, we have also provided them a platform to talk about how their lives have been affected and what they have been doing to make things better.

In 2018, it was announced that 6.5% of India’s population is depressed, making the country the ‘most depressed nation in the world’. The biggest problem is not addressing the issue, but at Kamathipura Mumbai Smiles Foundation conducts psychological workshops for victims of human trafficking and draws a link between depression and addiction.

The women endure a lot of mental and physical trauma every day that impacts their mental and physical health. They are also careless about their physical and mental health. In light of this, Mumbai Smiles Foundation organized the psychological workshop on depression where a total of 11 women participated – their intent was to understand their state of mind. Most of the women actively participated, which was a good sign. A few were not active participants, but their involvement would ensure that more women would participate in the next psychological workshop.

During the session, these women were told how their mental stress could lead to depression. They were told that irritation and negative thoughts of oneself also lead to insecurity.  Misconceptions people have about diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, and cancer was also part of the awareness session. These diseases already cause a psychological problem amongst you and I, so we can only imagine what the victims of human trafficking endure.

All in all the session ended up in counseling the women and having engaging discussions for the betterment of their health

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