Champion of the Month

As you all know, every month we celebrate Champion of the Month for our HOPE beneficiary, who has been valiantly fighting the odds with cancer. For this month, our champion was Shubham Sawant, a [...]

Champion of the Month

Who is a champion? The one who goes through the struggles of life; who fight and survive, they are the true champions. To honour such brave hearts and acknowledge their endeavours, we hold a [...]

A Visit to the Other Side

This is a story about a girl, Sanjana Thakre. She is 8 years of age and was recently diagnosed with Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma, a type of cancer. She is from Narli Pada, Palghar District and [...]

Namaste, Visitors from Spain

It’s always a lovely feeling when people from different countries and cultures show an interest in the work of Mumbai Smiles. Their enthusiasm and dedication is contagious and forever welcomed. [...]