Exposure Visit for LSE Girls

From time and again, we initiate an activity wherein we take the Life Skills Empowerment Project girls beneficiaries to various establishments in order to make them familiar with its functioning. Earlier it was the police station, then the post [...]

Spectacles Distribution for Balwadi Children

Eye camps were organised at all 30 Balwadis. Post screening and testing, few kids were in need of spectacles for a clearer vision. Out of total 930 screened children in Balwadis, total 52 children were found with refractive error and squint [...]

A Group of 6 Entrepreneurs Visit Mumbai Smiles

A group of 6 entrepreneurs visited Mumbai Smiles as a part of their course wherein they wished to understand the functioning of an organisation and the challenges it faces. They are a part of the team company ‘FREEMO’ from the Master [...]

Our Dedicated Volunteer Support

Apoorva Salvi She joined Mumbai Smiles as a volunteer for the Health Department. A dentist by profession, she has She is a volunteer for the Health Department. She is a Dentist by profession and has completed her studies in Bachelor in Dental [...]

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