In the midst of this situation we turn 15

We keep on reaching the most vulnerable neighborhoods these days, supporting the communities in these difficult times. We have to keep on trying to stop both the Covid-19 dissemination and their consequences in the most needed. Hunger and thirst [...]

Zoya Bano and her ray of hope

Zoya, a cheerful eight year old girl staying in one of the most vulnerable areas of Mumbai, Transit Camp and studying at Shivajirao Sherge School, has been benefiting from Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s LSE (Life Skills Empowerment) programme since [...]

Food distribution at Kamathipura

We are always blessed by our donors and well-wishers across the world who are always directly or indirectly involved in our objective of eradication of poverty. Thanks to them, today in this covid pandemic we are not alone! This week we are [...]

Victims of human trafficking in times of Covid-19

When on one side the entire world and health organizations are facing a great challenge in finding solution to get out of this Covid pandemic Kamathipura, the area of Mumbai known for being home for many victims of human trafficking, faces other [...]

Stories behind the Covid-19

Chaaya (name changed) is a 28 year old mother and a victim of Human trafficking and a beneficiary of Mumbai Smiles Foundation. Since one year she has been benefiting from our “Butterfly” project run by our Mental Health centre situated in [...]