As we told you earlier about the Toy donation from an NGO named “TOYBANK”. We took a step further to this donation and organized a small event for our HOPE beneficiaries wherein we distributed the toys to them. A total of 11 toys were distributed to HOPE beneficiaries. Few game based toys have been kept in  [...]

Our balwadis are now close for the summer and will reopen after the two-month summer vacation in June. This brings another busy academic year to an end, a year that has been full of growth, progress and new initiatives. Before we close for this academic year, we did an evaluation of the children in all the balwadis, to see  [...]

Last week on 10th of April “Champion of the Month” was awarded to two of our Young and Brave HOPE Beneficiaries for successfully completing the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy required for the treatment of Cancer from which they are suffering. First of this Champion Kid is Mast. Ayush Doshi a 9 year old child suffering from Retinoblastoma,  [...]

Nutrition has always been an important thing for everyone to work on throughout our life. But for Cancer Patients this is the utmost important aspect which needs to be addressed and taken care of. As you prepare for cancer treatments, you want to focus on getting more nutrients into your body than ever before. At  [...]

As we have told you about our roses being made by the SEED beneficiaries. We are happy to share with you that we completed a big consignment of 788 roses. Three different varieties of roses have been made by the women of SEED project. While a major bulk of the consignment i.e. 629 is going  [...]

What can I say. Thanks a lot for sharing with me the work that you are doing. You are an inspiration for a lot of people like me and I thank you for that. I want to thank Nehal, who has not only been a wonderful host attending me all the time answering all my  [...]