Sonrisas de Bombay in Madrid

This year we celebrate 15 years of work and peaceful struggle against poverty in Mumbai. We are very excited about this, and although it is an involuntary coincidence, it is also a perfect [...]

An impactful Sant Jordi Festival

A total of EUR 16,000 was raised that will be used to fund the GIRL initiative that promotes schooling of the girl child in Mumbai’s poorest pockets. 2nd May

Happy Sant Jordi Day!

Today is a very interesting and exciting day in the Catalonia part of Spain, where they are celebrating the beautiful festival of Sant Jordi, a version of their Valentine’s Day. The story behind [...]

When Noelia visited Mumbai Smiles !!

Mumbai Smiles Foundation works in tandem with its sister organization in Spain called Sonrisas de Bombay. To support us, Sonrisas de Bombay under its umbrella has a number of voluntary groups. [...]

Mumbai Smiles Talk at Hispanic Horizons

Hispanic Horizons is a Spanish language institute, active in Mumbai and New Delhi. While it conducts classes, both physically and online, it also supports the growth of Spanish language by way of [...]

Volunteers Day 2017 Celebrations!!

We at Mumbai Smiles Foundation have been very fortunate to work with a number of volunteers. While many of our volunteers belong to India, we do have some collaborators who join us in our work [...]

Happy Volunteers Day !!

December 5th every year is celebrated as International Volunteers Day, and Mumbai Smiles being an organization that welcomes multiple volunteers every year, holds this day of great importance! As [...]

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