Namaste, hyalo, and namaskara mean “hello” in Hindi, Nepali, and Bengali. At Smiles from Bombay we have learned to say “hello” in these three languages ​​because we have [...]

Udaan Centre is Growing!

We have already been talking about the shelter that we have set up for women who are struggling to break the chains of human trafficking. The center is Udaan, which means to take flight. As [...]

Arya Will Have Better Life with Mumbai Smiles

Arya is 14 years old, lives with her mother and her two sisters, in a shelter home near Thane. So far her life has not been easy, her mother is sick with HIV. They earn their life y earning money [...]

Jyoti’s Determination Took Her a Long Way

Jyoti (Name changed) was living a very ordinary life with her 4 sisters and a brother in a small village near the city of Kolkata. Her parents were struggling to make ends meet and were finding [...]

COVID – 19 stories now and then – Sujata

Now onwards we will publish some COVID-19 stories which began during the pandemic and now moving towards a happy ending. The story of Sujata (name changed) is the first story of this series. [...]

Winds of Freedom

We all agree that good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient and best things come to those who don’t give up. Our Winds of Freedom project members are the [...]

A Story of Hope with a Tragic End

Sabina, a VHT and a mother to a 2 year old child and two daughters. One of her daughters is Mumbai Smiles beneficiary who studies in one of our preschools. Today, we feel sad to write about [...]

The strength of a child’s love

Joy (fiction name) stays with his mother who is a victim of human trafficking. His mother is from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh. She got married very early in her childhood and Joy was born when she was [...]

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