Shilpa shares her happiness with Mumbai Smiles

The 10th and 12th std. results came out a month ago and the admission procedures in different colleges and higher secondary schools are all either in process or have ended at the different [...]

Visitor returns after 8 years!

The New Glances Project of the Awareness vertical of Mumbai Smiles is always more than happy to receive visitors and guests and take them on a visit to our projects. Many of our guests leave our [...]

Mumbai Smiles participates in Shanti Arts Project

This is by far one of the most interesting projects that we’ve been a part of. Shanti Arts Project, an initiative taken to create awareness through theatre, arts and culture. This Project [...]

Workshops Conducted on Personality Development

Mumbai Smiles and Yash Foundation conducted two workshops for our Future Smiles and Girl Child Beneficiaries on Personality Development. In today’s time it’s important for one to not [...]

Putting Out the Flames of Addiction

Addiction is a condition that is highly multifaceted in nature; a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive substance use despite harmful consequences. There can be many reasons for a person [...]

Commemorating World Head and Neck Cancer Day

Did you know that head and neck cancer are one of the leading causes of death and disability in India, with oral cancer being the most common? Every year, nearly one hundred thousand new cases of [...]

69th Independence Day Celebrations

Independence Day, a day that marks the freedom of our nation; a day that brings a sense of pride when we notice how much we’ve accomplished; a day that reminds us of the grandiosity of our [...]

Namaste, Visitors from Spain

It’s always a lovely feeling when people from different countries and cultures show an interest in the work of Mumbai Smiles. Their enthusiasm and dedication is contagious and forever welcomed. [...]

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