A better child, a better future

To ensure that our children have a well-rounded development, Mumbai Smiles recently organised a capacity building orientation programme for its teachers and other staff 16th September

United against Child Sexual Abuse

Arpan, an NGO dedicated towards fighting for freedom from Child Sexual Abuse organizes two day workshops for other NGOs, institutes and organizations on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) to reach out to [...]

Session on Fundamental Rights for LSE Girls

With the new sessions in place for each of our projects, the team of Jump2Justice project has started conducting awareness sessions for our beneficiaries at different project sites. After [...]

Mumbai Smiles featured in CSR Mandate Magazine

More than a decade ago, a Spanish tourist visited India and ended up adopting many of its citizens to help the City of Dream, Mumbai grow and develop, along with growth and development of the [...]

Refresher Session for Teachers on Human Rights

Throughout the year, the JUMP2justice (J2J) team arranged a number of awareness sessions in the communities via discussions and events to spread awareness among the citizens on the important [...]

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