Solidarity Meals!

  In difficult times like the one we are living in India today, support and solidarity are injections of hope, and also of resources, to be able to help the country. Today, May 9, we started [...]

Actions #EmergencyIndia

It’s been more than two weeks that an aggressive second wave of COVID-19 has been reported in India. With each passing day, the new infections are beating the records, by adding more than [...]

Shagufta – More than a Caretaker

Whenever we visit the Udaan center, we are always received with a smiling face and a warm welcomes , making us feel at home almost instantly. She is Shagufta, our caretaker at Udaan, whose [...]

A Tsunami in India

In light of the current devastating situation of the COVID19 pandemic in India, we would like to share an article, “A Tsunami in India“, published on 1st May 2021 by one of [...]

Your Rose, Her Smile

Your rose, her smile! As we kick start a new financial year our Spanish friends eagerly await the lovely festival of Sant Jordi (St. George’s Day). This Sant Jordi festival is celebrated in [...]

Second Wave in India

  These images are from the last year. They illustrate the emergency actions we carried out to respond to the impact of the pandemic in Mumbai, when strict lockdown left thousands and [...]

Jaume Sanllorente Overcomes COVID19

We are very happy to share the news and confirm that our Founder and General Director, Jaume Sanllorente has successfully survived COVID19. According to the instructions of the medical team which [...]

Udaan Centre is Growing!

We have already been talking about the shelter that we have set up for women who are struggling to break the chains of human trafficking. The center is Udaan, which means to take flight. As [...]