New community centre inaugurated at Kamathipura

A community-based approach is at the heart of the Mumbai Smiles ethos. As a part of our outreach project in Kamathipura, a red-light area in Mumbai, we have been interacting with the victims of [...]

Foreign visitors meet our community members

We love having people visit the Mumbai Smiles projects and the community that we work with. This helps us to spread the word about our work and also helps us to crate a network of [...]

Change agents receive training on time management

A key habit that productive and successful people share is effective time management. They are able to allocate sufficient time towards achieving their targets and towards habits that promote [...]

Tackling malnutrition through our preschools

Malnutrition is defined as lack of proper nutrition, caused by not having enough to eat, not eating enough of the right things or not being able to use the food one eats. It is one of the biggest [...]

Visit to preschools organised for foreign guest

A visit to Mumbai is a must for many foreigners visiting India, whether for tourism or for work purposes. Over the years, Mumbai Smiles has attracted a lot of foreign visitors who are in Mumbai [...]

Review of students’ progress at Surya Nagar

The success of our preschool centre project revolves around focussed care and attention for each child enrolled in the preschools. Our teachers, the backbone of our preschools are responsible for [...]

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