All good things begin with you!

  Mumbai Smiles performs multiple face-to-face workshops and individual training sessions for teachers to equip them to impart quality education in a creative manner across the schools they [...]

Livelihood Program Monthly Meeting

The Livelihood Program teachers had their monthly meeting last Thursday, and we are pleased to say it was a huge success. Between teaching the new teachers how to correctly measure the kids as [...]

Smiling Schools Skype Session!

We reached the most exciting part of our Smiling Schools project, the students got to talk face to face through Skype and Google Hangouts! If you haven’t read about the previous post about it, [...]

Smiling Schools First Interactions

Ever since the idea of the Smiling Schools project was introduced, the entire Mumbai Smiles team have been animated about it, so the start of the project was very exciting for all of us. If you [...]

Visitors! Laura, Marian, Inés & Bea

On Friday we had a group of four women from Spain come to visit us, and we were delighted to show them our projects all around Mumbai! Bea, Marian, Inés and Laura had just landed the night before [...]

Smiling Schools

Mumbai Smiles considers education as the key to success and progress, therefore we prioritize it when coming up with ideas of how to improve the life of the youth in India with difficult economic [...]