First Parent Meeting of “Change Agent”

Sparing the time from busy morning chores all the parents were gathered at one of the Balwadi centres along with their daughters. The entire higher Education team was prepared to impart the [...]

International Yoga Day at Preschool Centres

Yoga is a great gift of India’s ancient tradition to the world. The practice of Yoga is something that has the power to heal your entire body! It is a mind body workout. While the world was [...]

And a Dream Came True….

When you read someone’s achievement stories you often have the eagerness to meet that person and to hear all about his journey and understand his perspective. After reading General Director, [...]

New Preschools for street children

Mumbai Smiles and its team is always been intervening in new challenging areas to create better future for the slum communities. Last year we opened two new schools for the street children and [...]

First Day at Preschools!

When we think about the first day of our school what we remember is the excitement, the anticipation, and the butterflies in our stomach. 18th June was the first day at all the preschools of [...]

New Year with New Hope

Mumbai is always been a dream city and many come here for their bread and butter. Unfortunately not all can secure good homes and good surroundings and due to the lack of financial resources and [...]

Stars of the year!!

Apsara, Utkarsha and Mansi are three thick friends who studied together and passed the class 10th exams successfully from Samata Vidyalaya with a continuous support from Mumbai Smiles. It was a [...]

Food Testing Activity

They say, “Healthy body means healthy mind” and therefore, nutrition has always been a key point of early development of preschool children in Mumbai Smiles. Yesterday, the office was full of [...]

Orientation Sessions For the ” Change Agents”

Life is just not about mugging up lessons, and appear in exams but much more to live in dignity and grow in totality. This year Life skill Education’s beneficiaries are going to take a huge [...]