Celebrating 12 years of our journey…

We are 12 years old! 12 years of our peaceful fight against the poverty stricken side of this City of Dreams, Mumbai; 12 years of this anti-poverty project called Mumbai Smiles (Sonrisas de [...]

Founder inaugurates Travel Talks in Spain

Over the last 12 years, ever since our Founder, Jaume Sanllorente began his anti-poverty project by the name of Sonrisas de Bombay and Mumbai Smiles (the two hve become sister organisations [...]

Visitor’s Comment – Philipe

Meet Philip Richard, one of our visitors in the last month, who spent a day with us and our community citizens, while visiting the various projects, such as the Preschool Education centres, [...]

Refresher Session for Teachers on Human Rights

Throughout the year, the JUMP2justice (J2J) team arranged a number of awareness sessions in the communities via discussions and events to spread awareness among the citizens on the important [...]

500 walkers participate in Walkim Barcelona

Nordic Walking is a full body walking-exercise, a sport for both athletes and non athletes, considered to be a very effective form of cross training where walking is enhanced by the use of two [...]

Champions of the Month – Akshay & Aman

The paediatric oncology program of Mumbai Smiles, HOPE recently celebrated its last Champion of the Month for the year 2016-17, before the closing of the year. This time, two brave young kids [...]

LSE 2016-17 batch bows out with a blast

All the activities for the previous academic/financial year, 2016-17 has come to a case and summer vacations have started. So is the case with the Life Skills Empowerment project as well. But [...]

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